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An Electrified Community

So, it's begun. The shift from Fossil Fuels to Electrification in our homes. With the incredible demand and incentives to shift to Induction Stoves, Heat Pump Water Heaters, Heat Pump HVAC Systems, Electric Vehicles, Electric Dryers and Solar Power Production...we plan to be there for the community of Las Cruces as your electrical demand increases. But more than that, although we maintain focus on Electrification, Helios is available to assist with any size of project. Got a plug that doesn't work? We'll figure it out. Wanna build a house? Yeah, we do that too. Wanna go Solar? Plenty do. But there is also plenty to consider before jumping in to the future of electrical production. Don't hesitate to send a text or give a call.

Helios has you covered!


What We're Made Of

For Las Cruces, FROM Las Cruces

Friendly Local Electrician

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Residential and Commercial

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Check our "Testimonials" Page for More...

I needed an electrical outlet installed in order to power my lava lamp collection. Aaron came out, took a look, and got right to it. The job was harder than expected because the path was blocked by studs but Aaron stuck with it and successfully ran the wiring.

Jeff M. - Yelp Reviewer

There is only one electrician you should ever consider if you have a need for services. His name is Aaron Gravatt of Helios Solar and Electric...Aside from being a consummate professional he was very good at explaining precisely what he was going to do and how he was going to do it.  If only there were more like him life would be a whole lot better!

Bart H. - Next Door Reviewer

I have used Helios Solar and Electric for many years when in need of an electrician and have known them to be very reliable, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend their services.

Margie S. - Yelp Reviewer


Thanks For Reaching Out!

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